Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Donate your old books for a good cause

Many Tamil schools in Malaysia lack one of the most basic education item. Books. Tamil schools, especially partially aided and privately aided schools, often have to stretch their dollars and cents so thin, that they simply cannot afford to stock their libraries, if they have one, that is. Yet, Tamil schools students have time and again proven that they can rise above the odds and compete at par with their government school peers.

Putera MIC wants to give these children a little bit to cheer about. We want to give them encouragement. We want to give them hope to excel. We know that the Indian community can only excel through education. We ask not for money, we ask only for your old, used books, sitting in a box somewhere in your storeroom, collecting dust.

Putera MIC is embarking on a two-month campaign to collect books, to be donated to Tamil school libraries around the country. We call upon kind hearted Malaysians to give us any books, as long as they are still readable and suitable for 7 to 13 year olds. If you have a sizeable amount of books, we'll even come over and pick it up from you. You may donate textbooks, reference books, dictionaries, storybooks, anything. Whatever you can afford to part with.

We have been operating for slightly more than a year, funding our activities from our own pockets mostly. We will continue doing so. We ask not a cent from you. We will fork out what is needed for the logistics of this campaign from our own pockets. But we humbly ask you to donate your books to us. Nothing more.

More details of this campaign is available at including contact details of our members involved in this program. I thank you for all your contributions. You have the power to bring smiles to the faces of these bright children. You have the power to engage actively in helping the community.

Thank you very much.

Update: Book Donation Contact Person

Thanasekaran @ 012 4801989 (Project Director)

Umabaran @ 012 5875215 (Penang),
Saravanan @ 012 3375729 (Johor)
Maheswaran @ 012 4630320 (Kedah),
Rama @ 012 6957150 (Melaka)
Gobi @ 012 4575848 (Perak),
Dr.Thina @ 017 2802767 (Negeri Sembilan)
Parry @ 012 3402749 (Selangor),
Visirajan @ 012 9715502 (KL)

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