Saturday, 31 January 2009

Pendekar? More like Penghasut!

I am upset and angry after reading the seditious contents of a blog that serves no purpose other than to incite hatred against the Malaysian Indian community. Apart from calling us all kinds of names, the blog accuses the entire community of being animals. The author also calls for violence against Indians.

I will be lodging a police report against the blog on Saturday, 31st January at 11 am at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters. I know it is not easy for the police to trace the author, let alone take any action against him. However, I feel it is only right that a police report be lodged, and for the police to investigate. If anything, I hope it will at least serve as a deterrent to others who might want to follow the footsteps of this 'Pendekar Ramlee'.

The blog also levels unwarranted criticsm against news portal Malaysiakini, with specific calls for violence against one Joe Fernandez, stated there as a Malaysiakini reporter.

More on this after the report is lodged, stay tuned. Do come to the police station and show support if you can.

In the meantime, I call upon all to flag the blog, so that blogspot will remove the blog from their server.


Fazrul said...

It does not matter what you or anybody does. These people are racist bastards. They were born that way and will die that way. Worse still, the government/umno supports them. If you dont believe me, go see what they say in Kem Bina Negara. They feel they are superior than indians and chinese. To me, they are no different than Zionists or Nazis or KKK.

Obefiend said...

another failed attempt by some quarters of a well know political party to create the next 13 mei

they will then use the riot to clamp down on freedom of speech and media.

this is what generally known as a false flag operation

the thing is blogs like this should be ignored and not given the media limelight

we already have anti islam blog
anti chinese blog
and now anti indian blog

can you see what they are doing now?

they try to create hatred between the major races in malaysia. god know maybe teh A KUGAN case was also done to expediate their 13 May Version 2.0 agenda

as a MALAYSIAN first and malay second.. i find these lame and shiteous attempt to create hostilities shameful!

dont let this petty things get in the way for a real bangsa malaysia. let the OLD REGIME die and let us new and progressive malaysia walk hand in hand on fixing our broken country

don't be swayed by the racist.. dont play their game


nona said...
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nona said...

I would be surprised if that was written by a human. Probably nothing but spammer and that to a low quality one.
Unlike you Prana, I was not upset. I was amused and even laughed at the blog. In fact I showed it to couple of my Malay friends and we had a good laugh of the badly use language and not very intelligent rambling of someone not very mentally stable. Which was pretty obvious.
If anyone thinks and even make this as an attempt to cause racial imbalance...I mean....FOR ALL THE GOODNESS OF GOD....please give them a mili ounce of brain for mili second. Then...things will be fine...just fine.