Saturday, 31 January 2009

Police Report against 'Pendekar'

Earlier today morning, I made a police report against the 'Pendekar Tanah Air' blog at the Petaling Jaya police headquarters, accompanied by Putera MIC National Coordinator Mr. P. Kamalanathan. Following the report, I was asked to provide my statement to the police. 

I notice that the offensive blog has been removed, however the damage is done. Such behaviour cannot, and should not be tolerated. Let this be a reminder to all, that Putera MIC will not sit by and allow such insults to be heaped on the Indian community!

Below is the text of the police report.


Saya, Premnath a/l Agamutu, K/P 800412-14-xxxx, pada hari ini, 31 Januari 2009, ingin melaporkan kewujudan sebuah laman web berbentuk blog, bertajuk ‘Pendekar Tanahair’, di alamat web yand dikendalikan oleh orang yang menggunakan nama samaran ‘Pendekar Ramlee’.

Laman blog ini menghina kaum India di Malaysia, dengan kata-kata kesat dan menyakitkan. Ia mengandungi pelbagai tuduhan dan maklumat yang salah mengenai rakyat Malaysia yang berketurunan India. Laman ini juga mengandungi unsur-unsur hasutan, bertujuan mewujudkan rasa benci terhadap orang-orang India, sejurus mengancam perpaduan kaum di negara yang berbilang kaum ini.

Berikut adalah beberapa petikan dari laman tersebut yang berunsur hasutan:

1.    Tuhan buatkan mereka berkulit hitam sebagai amaran kepada umat kita semua yang orang India ini adalah orang yang tidak baik sama sekali.

2.    Mereka adalah orang jahil, seperti binatang buas dan perlu di awasi dan di pukul selalu untuk mengingkatkan mereka supaya berkelakuan baik dan tidak sebagai binatang buas.

3.    Orang India jahat, mereka hitam kerana mereka jahat. Terutama sekali orang lelaki india. Harus dihapuskan sama sekali. Lanyak keling!!!

4.    Orang India di Malaysia ini adalah bangsa yang paling rendah kalao dibanding dengan orang mereka yang asalnya dari India.

5.    Sebab utama ini ialah mereka adalah kasta "pariah" dan diambil oleh orang British sebagai kuli untuk bekerja di ladang getah.

6.    Sebab itu mereka harus di lanyak dan di pukul selalu. Ini adalah kerana otak mereka adalah seperti binatang. Mereke tidak faham akan erti budi pekerti dan cuma seperti seekor lembu dan tidak mempunyai pikiran dan emosi sebagai manusia.

7.    Saya syorkan semua orang india dipukul sebulan sekali untuk mengajar mereka supaya dapat menjadi manusia yang berguna dan bukan binatang.

8.    Kaum yang tak berguna, kuat menipu, merompak dan mencuri.

9.    Lepas tue jadi loyar buruk, cakap yang bukan-bukan macam diorang nie macam bumiputra? Siapa kaum keparat nie. Si celaka india nie.

10. Kaki minum, kaki tipu dan kaki putar belit.

11. Lintah darat - ini lah kaum keling kepada orang Melayu di Malaysia nie.

12. Dah lah banyak buat dosa, banyak kes kecurian, rogol dan pembunuhan.

13. Setakat pukul keling nie tak cukup, kena hantam cukup-cukup terutamanya wartawan keling sperti Joe Fernandez yang asyik tulis cerita keling dalam Malaysiakini.

14. Kalo pihak polis tak lanyak keling-keling nie, orang melayu akan bangkit dan lanyak keling celaka nie.

15. Biar aku panggil semua orang kampong ku dan lanyak keling kaparat nie.

Saya mendesak polis menyiasat laman blog ini, mengenalpasti penulis yang berkenaan dan mengambil tindakan yang sepatutnya. Sekian laporan saya.


JayJay said...

Errant Blogger who had his blog removed by Google,

First of all, you are a coward since you hide behind some nonsensical name and abuse the blogs and the internet for no rhyme or reason. That shows that you know that you are writing nonsense. Otherwise, you will use your own name and be proud of what you are writing.

What do you think that you can get out of your nonsensical behaviour? You should be committed to an institution for the safety of the rest of the peaceful citizens of this country.

Ignorance is Bliss, a Little Knowledge is Dangerous.

The errant blogger should realise that under the four-fold Hindu caste system in North India and the three-fold Hindu caste system in South India, he's an outcaste (Pariah) too. Welcome to the Club.

The outcastes in Tamil Nadu are actually members of the former priestly class who had no role in society when Brahmins (Priests or the highest caste under the Hindu caste system) from North India converted Tamil Kings to Hinduism.

The Brahmins replaced the former priestly class of the Tamils. The former Tamil priests were now considered outcastes (or Pariahs) i.e. people without a caste just like the errant blogger who should be shot, hung, fried and fed to the pigs.

Alternatively, he can choose re-education.

He should be ashamed writing such venom and filth when the al-Quran expressly forbids racism. What is waiting for him is the eternal fires of hell. Insyallah!

If he wants to talk about the colour of one'e skin, what about the Arabs of Sudan, his brother Muslims, who are as black as charcoal? Also many of the Arabs of the Gulf States? Did Allah make them black too or has it something to do with the fact that they are nearer the sun and work outdoors.

The errant blogger comparing his skin with others is like the pot (black) calling the kettle black.

The white man will have a good laugh. He will say: Look at this blackie and nigger (Malay). He's going around poking fun at the dark complexion of others when he himself is dark."

The white man will die laughing.

Remember! To the white man, anything that is not white is black. He's sees nothing in between.

The word Keling or Kalinga comes from the Kalinga Empire which once covered large parts of South India. Probably, you failed your history. Not surprising since you are a moron.

So, errant blogger, don't flatter yourself too much by ventilating your ignorance and stupidity in public, or the rest of the world will die laughing at you.

Yet, you have the cheek to talk about sopan santun etc etc. Who are you kidding, you uncivilised, ill-mannered, uneducated, miserable excuse for a human being.

Gopal Raj Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I would like to echo some of the points made by JayJay.

The caste system in North India is a scam of the highest order perpetrated by the Brahmins and other high castes against the ordinary people. Inherent in the caste system, a beggar thy neighbour policy, is the disincentive factor which sapped the energies of the ordinary people. People saw no use in working hard under the caste system because they knew that no matter how hard they worked, they would always remain at the bottom of the dung heap.

In South India, the caste system is not really a caste system except for the fact that only Brahmins could be priests at the temples and no one else. This allowed the Brahmins to amass land and gold through the temples they controlled and become very wealthy over the years.

The King and the aristocracy formed the second caste in South India.

The third caste was the ordinary people who came from numerous sub-castes and considered themselves equal to each other.

The outcastes (the Pariahs) were an unfortunate case in South India since after losing their former priestly position to the Brahmins, after the conversion of Tamil Kings to Hinduism; they had no role to play and were reduced to doing menial jobs. Many of them became Buddhists to escape their outcaste (Pariah) status. These days they also become Christians or Muslims.

The Malays became Muslim only in the last 500 years. Before that they were Hindus and practiced the caste system. The priests at the Hindu temples where the Malays worshipped were Brahmins from India. No Malay could become a Brahmin.

The Malay Rajas formed the second caste below the Brahmins.

The ordinary Malays formed the third caste just like in South India.

Outside the caste system, were the other Malays who were the outcastes (or Pariahs). The Pariah Malays comprised the former animist priests in the Malay community, whose roles had been usurped by the Brahmins, and the slaves (Sakai) kept by the Malays. These slaves were either Malays or Orang Asli.

Errant blogger, don't be obsessed with colour. That's colonial thinking. To the white man, anything that is not white is black. As stated by JayJay, there's nothing in between as far as these people are concerned. Among us, there's a tendency for the pot to call the kettle black.

The white man is white because there was a lot of in-breeding among them as the initial population pool which left east Africa and entered Europe was small. All Europeans are descended from three couples. So, they virtually degenerated into albinoism and moronism until a larger population allowed them to avoid in-breeding. An added factor was the weaker sunlight in Europe which forced the skin to turn off the melanin receptors to allow more sunlight to enter the skin and help with the body's manufacture of Vitamin D, calcium and partly Vitamin C.

Errant blogger, focus on what is inside the head, personality and character development and cultivating a sense of values and a sense of shame. That's how you will be judged. Not by the colour of your skin.

If the Indian community in Malaysia, the Tamils in particular, wants to stand up for their rights under the Federal Constitution, it’s no business of anybody else including the errant blogger. There is no shame in standing up for your rights. The shame lies in not standing up for your rights. What control of emotions is errant blogger talking about when someone’s child has been beaten senseless and left for dead by the police? He won’t be so calm if a member of his family ends up dead at the hands of the police.

If errant blogger wants to continue having a slave mentality and let the umnoputras squat on him, that’s his choice.

K said...

thank u jay jay for such an eloquent argument on the bafoon's article. that bafoon surely needs psychological intervention to prevent further filth coming from his 'dung' of a brain. How naive of me to think dat brainless nincompoops were a thing of the past! Hopefully i only wish that this little bit of advice will somehow manage to enter that ninny's labyrinth of a brain:u pathetic poor excuse of a soul,let me be the one to enlighten u dat all living & non-living things exist in this universe with the Almighty's tacit will!

wadie said...
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wadie said...
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deeban18r said...

relax people, this guy might just be not educated or something. . .bloody coward . . . . .read the words he used, , i doubt he passes his SPM. . .so just dont bother. . .she just wanted to show the kehebatan anak melayu i guess. . . he is another shame for the malays. .

Subasini said...

These insults levelled at Indians is only part of the growing number of things that the Indian community in this country has had to put up with, especially in the past 3 decades.

Where was MIC for the past 50 years when the rights of the Indians were slowly being eroded by UMNO giving rise to degenerates like this Pendekar character - slowly fostering and feeding morons like this with our money - yes, I am a tax paying citizen.

That 4 Indian boys in Kamunting were the only ones with any guts to do anything abt this uneasy situation - they gave the Indians courage to speak and be heard - something MIC sorely lacked. Now making police reports and doing this 'drama' is too late - the damage is done and pus like Pendekar are homegrown terrorists to peace and unity among Malaysians.

Deal with that and pray tell us how we deal with this growing feeling of unease that a lot of Indians are feeling today.

Even as I type this - RTM1 - the national channel for this country is airing a commentary that special rail service will be provided for 'Tahipusam' NOT Thaipusam - what do you have to say abt that? Do they even care or bother to learn the correct word?? Why don't you comment on that!!

indian said...
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-frUstRateD iNdiaN- said...
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wadie said...
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Proud_2_b_INDIAN said...

To all my blood brothers n sisters in this blog... here i would like to comment about the stupidity of some crooks who cowardly want to insult indian community in malaysia. This shows the lack of knowledge, historical understanding and social awareness. Brothers althuogh the person insulted us, we dont have to insult the whole malay community. If we do so, then there will be no difference between him (pendekat tanahair) and us. But at the same time we have to pretend our community. brothers there is no use of insulting back whole malays because of a stupid, coward person's action. Thank you

fcuk said...

The malays are a sad lot oh errant blogger. You want to know why? Let me tell you why. I'm currently in a british university and you should see the number of YOUR lot who smoke weed, are promiscuous, club incessantly and who fail their examinations. The current breed of malays is a rotten lot. Sponsoring creatures who do not appreciate what is given to them is terribly sinful. The government of malaysia fails to see that if scholarships are given to DESERVING candidates (people of MY lot-non malays) malaysia would be a better place. It would have long surpassed Singapore. All most every malay in my university is sponsored to do medicine, the joke is their intelligence is terribly questionable. When you interact with them, they do not come across as terribly brilliant creatures and they find it extremely hard to connect and speak english fluently without tingeing it with bahasa. But alas, how 'fair' my country is to me, I'm doing enginering sponsored by my poor father who has worked all his life to give me a good education. And so errant blogger, where the hell is the fairness in this god forsaken country we call home?

KING Sudarsan Nambiar said...

Guys, i can feel everyones frustration after reading this report. Well that blogs contents already shows what kind of low class bastard the blogger is. He is unaware of the fact that he aint even pariah...he is even worse that the sakli. I feel depressed cause i do have good malay frens as we all do, and to know that malay guys out there are just making the situation worse.

Mike said...

Segala insan didunia ini adalah ciptaan tuhan.
Jika kamu menghina atau mengutuk bangsa ini maka sama sekali mengina Allah maha Besar.
Oleh itu bertaubat-lah kamu dan memita ampua dari Allah sebelum terlambat. Maksud saya disini ialah api dineraka menunggu-mu.
Oleh itu cubalah hidup dengan semua bilang kaum dengan aman dan damai. Semoga Allah mengampuni kamu keatas perkara-perkara yang kamu tidak patut sama sekali keluarkan diblog ini.
Sekian terimakasih.
Hamba Allah.

Nick said...

Good proactive move but do you need to repeat what Pendekar Ramlee said. Remove his words. Otherwise you are another Pendekar.

Gun_Damn said...

dear brothers and sisters, this particular blog( has been removed from the cyberspace..although the damage is done, we shouldn't insult all the malays as well,1stly because not all malays think like that "pendekar" and many of them are on the same sides with us, and 2ndly because THIS blog is still active, and if u truly understand our country den u would understand that its best for the author of this blog to remove some of the comments posted the police department could turn the table around us and say that "pendekar's blog" doesnt exists and it was just a khabar angin and accuse the author of THIS blog and the people who made comments in it of causing havoc in the country...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Isaac Martin said...

It is certainly disheartening to read blogs as that produced by Pendekar Ramlee. However, I don't think the rest of us Malaysian Indians should react with negativities as this would make us no different from this blogger.

I can assure you that such dastardly act would be admonished by majority of the Malaysian populace. So, let's go on living productively for the betterment of the society at large and leave such trivials for the mentally handicapped.

Nick said...

Are you following your own blog. If you are a real indian (You Claim you are MIC people) Please delete the words that irritate us (whatever Pendekar Ramlee said) from your blog. Making police report is not a bog deal. After all free of charge. Look at the idiots, making 100+ police report on Karpal. What is the point?. So, please delete them for our own ....

pjraaja said...

Dear members,

He is just a real bad example of Malay. This type of idiots exist everywhere in this world.I know many of my fellow Malay friends who are nice and humble.

Many of this type of idiots sits in the top position and influences innocent public. They should be hangged.

My Stupid said...

It's simple. The Pendekar Ramlee is uneducated person who doesn't even know how to write his/her own language in a correct way. I pity his/her BM teacher...



Come on.. DILANYAK dan DIPUKUL tu satu kata lah, bangang.. bukan asing2 tu Di dan Lanyak! Makan belacan terus otak ko tu jadi otak udang!

karnan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Premnath Agamutu said...

In the interest of freedom of speech, the comments in this blog are not moderated. Everything is published. However, please comment in a rational manner. Unnecessary vulgarity and racial comments serve no purpose. I have had to remove some of these comments to safeguard the decency of this blog. I hope you will all understand. Thank you.

wadie said...

Dear Premnath,
I understand that, this blog is own by you and we cannot created any problem for this Blogs..Then what for you still keep this Pendekar Ramlee's Blog which irritating us ? In what reason is that actually ? cause of this blog, people who see this reports will be angry eventhough that "pendekar" already removed from his blogs.You deleted everyone's harsh comment's but you guy please delete this things.
Thank you.

Nick said...


I suggest we make a police report on National Information Officer and Selangor Chief of Putera MIC, Mr. A. Premnath since he such a idiot. "FinalReminder" Remove Berikut adalah beberapa petikan dari laman tersebut yang berunsur hasutan: 1 to 15 This is the problem with this MIC people. Never learn!!! I think you just wanna show of that you so concern but i dun think so. The blog is gone. But the content is here !!! Why ? Coz many idiots like you still on this earth.....

Premnath Agamutu said...

Dear Nick,

There is a difference between publishing hate post on a blog, and publishing the text of a police report made against the hate post. I can remove the text from the blog, but will the crime committed go away? Will it stop the thousands of emails circulating with the screen capture? Will it stop the insult already caused? Will it stop others from doing it again?

The reason the text of the police report is published here, as insulting as the words may be to me and you, is to serve as a reminder that this DID happen. We WERE insulted, and we will not tolerate such insults.

You're welcome to your own opinion, but name-calling is childish. Please grow up. Oh, and if you want to lodge a police report, go ahead. You were quiet against the real perpetrator, but seem offended by the report text. Who's the idiot?

wadie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nick said...

Mr. Premnath, your ignorance is our weakness. The idea of Pendekar is to insult us. "You managed to stop it". Your idea is to promote his writings. And you're doing it well. Thank you. When someone said you're stupid, we dun repeat the word when complain. We say someone insulted me. Don't get so personal. This is not name calling. Just educating the young MIC leaders to be a better leader. I'm not against you but your way of insulting the indians.

will crime committed go away
This is your question or what? Which crime will go away? Be responsible to our community, my friend. Dun insult them anymore.

We WERE insulted, and we will not tolerate such insults.
If you are so radical, then let take some task. How about you protect all the indians insulted by the ordinary people, organization, government, politicians, .... You create the blog "insulted indian" and you take action. Let see how you do it.

childish. Please grow up
What is this? Don't get offended when people suggest something. Get out of the box [MIC] think like a educated human being. Not politician.

Anyway i will publish the police report that i make in my blog and let see how people react. This is what you call freedom of speech.

wadie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Premnath Agamutu said...


Your comment was removed because of your vulgar language. Please comment in a more decent manner.

Thank you.

wadie said...

Dear Premnath,
I knoe you will deleted it and you will deleted this comment too. But what i want to say is just a word that, This is the MIC attitude problem.never ending story which wont listen people opinion..Stand for you own opinion and do what you like. previously I don't knoe what you did as Putera MIC cause no any records shows MIC done good things, but clearly i realize that, You are like Virus which poisoning all Indians minds by spreading this things...Good Jobs

wadie said...

Dear Premnath,
I knoe you will deleted it and you will deleted this comment too. But what i want to say is just a word that, This is the MIC attitude problem.never ending story which wont listen people opinion..Stand for you own opinion and do what you like. previously I don't knoe what you did as Putera MIC cause no any records shows MIC done good things, but clearly i realize that, You are like Virus which poisoning all Indians minds by spreading this things...Good Jobs

Nick said...

Premnath: Job well done. I found more articles on this topic in the net. All by you. Are you seeking cheap publicity. Wanna be a hero, my dear. Pitty! Shame of you.

Premnath Agamutu said...

Dear Nick,

The one and only article I wrote is this one, and I only posted it here.

Any other article anywhere else is not my doing. I do not have the need for cheap publicity.

Nick said...

Look at the by election results. BN lost. One of it belong to MIC. Why we lose. Because of people like you. Never listen!!!. Please Remove "Police Report against 'Pendekar'". Start a blog were indians in selangor(malaysia) can interect with you.Something like complaint, help and etc. Do something (web content) to help indian students. You are very capable but need to do more...please

Anonymous said...

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