Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Is the Kedah government planning to demolish temples?

Ever since the internal political trouble between DAP and its partners PKR and PAS started to boil out in the open, several accusations have been traded. We all know the Tamil High Chapparal issue. A conclusion is nowhere in sight, instead we have Lim Guan Eng blaming all and sundry, when it was his DAP party who promised the villagers that their problems would be solved if his party came to power. Well, it is always easy to promise the world when you are not in power. Perhaps he never expected to come to power.

Anyway, another issue is now slowly leaking out. The DAP in Kedah is alleging that the PAS government running the state now, was quietly planning to demolish several temples. The denials came swiftly. But the DAP insisted again.

Today, a rather 'interesting' article appeared in the Star. The article, quoted a 'devotee' giving a statement denying that there are any plans to demolish any temple. Instead he refers to one particular temple, the Devi Sri Karumariamman Temple in Jalan Pegawai, Alor Setar. This 'devotee' further puts the blame on the temple committee for enroaching into private land, and further seems to question why the temple is not following agamic rules pertaining to various devotees in the temple. He also 'assures' others that only the temple hall is at risk of demolition, which he further adds will be carried out by the temple itself. Then we hear that the hall is currently being used as a makeshift temple, as the main temple is under renovation.

This seems like a blatant attempt at public relations, to quickly sweep the problem under the carpet. First, why is this 'devotee' issuing statements? Who is he? Where are the Municipal Council representatives? I note with concern that THEY have not denied there are plans to demolish temples! This 'devotee' seems to have access to notices issued by the authorities. He seems to know details as to whom the land belongs to. Is this devotee another eyewash? Is this similar to the case where a PKR division women leader, also a resident of Kg. Buah Pala, tried to hold a press conference praising the Penang State Government?

Second, where are the temple committee members? If all is well, why did THEY not release a statement that everything is ok? Have they been asked to remain silent while some third party defends the PAS government and issues denials? This entire article stinks of last minute damage control by the PAS government, and their PKR bedfellows. Will the DAP dare expose the minutes of the Municipal Council meetings where the decision to demolish temples were made? I mean, they do claim to be 'Competent, Accountable and Transparent'!

The 'Pakatan Rakyat' is a marriage of convenience. A partnership between three organizations at odds with each other. A coalition glued together by one man, who wants to be prime minister, at any cost! Now, we are slowly seeing the coalition tumble. Many predicted the downfall of the Barisan Nasional after the last GE. Internal conflicts, they claimed. "The BN is imploding" they cried! Well, look who's stuggling to keep their coalition afloat now!

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