Wednesday 27 August 2008

Congrats Anwar, now deliver your promises!

The people of Permatang Pauh have spoken. As expected, Anwar Ibrahim retained the seat that was vacated by his wife. All well and good. Congratulations, YB. Now perhaps you will get to work instead of repeating rhetoric after rhetoric. I am still waiting to see the countless promises made to the Indian community by Anwar before the GE materialize. It is going to be six months since the elections. PR has control of five states. Where are the goodies you promised the Indians?

It is interesting that Hindraf, which was the catalyst for the switch to PR by indian voters themselves seem to be questioning the sincerity of Anwar's PR in delivering the promises made to the Indian community. The call by Waythamoorthy to PR states to endorse their 18 point demand seems to have fallen on deaf years. I'm not surprised. I expected this.

Now the Hindraf leaders seem to be mudslinging each other in public. Hindraf is not even a year old, mind you, and we already have cracks. So much for championing the unity of Indians, when the top six people can't be united!

Of late, I notice some unsavoury comments made in my chatbox. The very tone of the comments suggest that it is by some intellectually challenged individuals incapable of debating issues maturely. Name calling and swearing only reflects your upbringing. This is a typical case of people who think they can say whatever they want online, but in reality, are cowards. It wouldn't take me long to disable the chatbox, but I am not going to do it, for now at least. Criticism is fine, but be decent. Be constructive. Don't make fools out of yourselves.

Thursday 14 August 2008

Hishamuddin, wake up please!

Today, Malaysiakini has published yet another article on the 'racist teacher issue'. This time we have the Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary speaking out. The Malaysiakini article is attached below for reference.

It has been a full 24 hours since Dato Seri' Samy Vellu's statement was published calling on the Education Minister to take sterner action against the teacher concerned. But nothing so far. Why? Is this really that small a matter? Are Malaysian Indians that insignificant?

More disturbing is news that racial abuse cases are now surfacing in a school in Taman Klang Jaya. Apparently five police reports have been lodged, but no action so far. All the more reason why stern and swift action must be taken. Now!

Where are the MIC's partners in the Barisan Nasional coalition? Why is there such a deafening silence from our 'brothers' in the coalition? This is seen as an 'Indian' issue. That is very wrong. This is a national issue. The very notion that our education system is supposed to fortify unity among the various fabric of multiracial Malaysian society is now in question.

Minister's silence on 'racist' teacher irks Indian NGOs

Aug 14, 08 5:28pm

Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's continued silence on the case of a teacher who fired a volley of racial insults at her Indian students has irked the Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs.

In a statement, coalition secretary Gunaraj George said the teacher, who has since been transferred from SMK Telok Panglima Garang, had not only bullied the students but also sullied the entire Indian community with her verbal tirade.

"Given this, shouldn't the education minister say something about the entire episode which has not only traumatised the students but also deeply hurt the feelings of the Indian community at large?'' he asked.

He said it was also disturbing that the teacher appears to have been rewarded by being sent to a better school which is nearer to her home instead of being severely reprimanded.

"The minister must do what is right by the Indian community by not appearing to close an eye to the teacher's uncalled for behavior,'' he added.

Becoming rampant

The 35-year-old history teacher had on two occasions last month called Indian students in a Form Four and Form Five class ‘black monkeys’, ‘Negroes’ and ‘keling pariah’.

She had also said that Indians came from dogs and prostitutes and that the community's youths did not have testicles and that its women constantly menstruated.

"Isn't this serious enough for the minister to intervene? What else is he waiting for?'' asked Gunaraj.

He said that racism and abuse of Indian students were becoming rampant in certain schools and unless the minister does something about it the situation could get out of hand.

"It has also been brought to our attention that similar abuse is being leveled against students in a primary school in Taman Klang Jaya,'' alleged Gunaraj.

He said the Indian students there are constantly scolded by teachers and told to transfer to other schools.

Gunaraj said that five police reports have been lodged against the teachers to date from November last year.

He also commended the community leaders for speaking out and criticising the government’s inaction, demanding the teacher to be reprimanded accordingly.

'Sack the teacher'

Yesterday, MIC president S Samy Vellu called for severe action to be taken against the teacher, saying that he regarded her transfer as a form of appreciation rather than punishment.

Prior to this, MIC Youth's education bureau also expressed disappointment that the teacher had been let off the hook.

Also expressing displeasure over the 'light' sentence was the Malaysian Indian Business Association (Miba).

Its president P Sivakumar told Malaysiakini that the action taken against the teacher did not match the severity of the offence committed.

"A transfer would not teach her a lesson, it is almost as if she escaped unscathed.

"In fact, she should be sacked and we fail to understand why the ministry is viewing this matter so lightly. The Indian community is unhappy over this," he added.

Sivakumar said a stern action would deter other educators from repeating a similar offence, regardless of race.

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Rusnita Abu Hassan, we Indians WILL get you!

Malaysiakini has featured an article quoting Dato' Seri Samy Vellu urging the Education Ministry to take stern action against the now infamous 'racist teacher'. I reproduce the Malaysiakini article below for reference. In the meantime, my sources tell me Pn. Rusnita Abu Hassan has been tranferred to the smart school SMK Telok Datok, Banting. The students affected have also reiterated that they WILL file a civil suit. Good. Remember... babi balik China, cikgu balik mana?

A little bird also whispered to me that Pn. Rusnita was the recipient of an award for outstanding performance from the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Kuala Langat recently. Sigh. Why am I not surprised?

I tried to post a photo of Pn. Rusnita, but it doesn't seem to appear. You can see her smiling mugshot at

or at

From Malaysiakini:

Samy: Take severe action against 'racist' teacher

Aug 13, 08 1:49pm
MIC has urged the Education Ministry to take severe action against a teacher in Banting who uttered seditious and derogatory words against her Indian students recently.

In a statement today, MIC president S Samy Vellu said the party and the Indian community would not accept the teacher to be let off the hook with "a light sentence."

"It looks as if anyone who calls the Indian community with all sorts of unwanted words will not be punished, but instead sent to a better school," he added.

Samy was referring to the ministry's decision to transfer the 35-year-old history teacher to another school, located closer to her house, and attend counseling.

He questioned the decision by the ministry, saying that he regarded the move to transfer her to a smart school as "a form of appreciation."

Samy Vellu said he would write to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to express the party's displeasure over the ministry's lack of stern action against the teacher.

"This sort of people (teacher) will give the government of Barisan Nasional a bad name and may reduce the support of the Indian community," he added.

The veteran politician felt that the ministry should be more sensitive to matters of this kind where an entire community was insulted by a teacher who was a government servant.

He said the director-general of the education department must personally look into the case as such incidents could destroy the basic foundation of cooperation in this country.

Apology not good enough

Early this month, two students from SMK Telok Panglima Garang in Kuala Langat filed police reports against the teacher.

They revealed that the teacher had called Indian students 'keling pariah', 'Negro' and 'black monkeys', amongst other derogatory names.

In their reports, the Form Four and Form Five students said the teacher also told students during class that 'Indians came from dogs', Indians are 'children of prostitutes' and the community is 'stupid'.

She also supposedly stated that the community's youths 'do not have testicles', 'always menstruate' and indulge in 'thuggery and theft'.

Yesterday, MIC Youth's education bureau had also called for stiffer action to be taken against the teacher.

"This is an issue which touches on racial sentiments. It does not involve an individual but refers to a large number of Indian students," said bureau chief M Saravanan.

"The teacher’s apology to the students and parents involved is not the best solution and does not diminish the gravity of her action.

"Transferring (to another school) is not a form of punishment or harsh (enough) punishment for a teacher who crossed the boundaries," he added.

Meanwhile, DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang had called on Education Minister Hishamuddin Hussein to explain why no stern action was taken.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Babi balik China, Cikgu balik mana? (2)

Malaysiakini today published the stand of Pemuda MIC on the 'racist teacher issue'. However, it appears that 'action' has already been taken. Malaysian-style. Today's NST, in an article aptly titled Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal' details the 'action' that has been taken against the teacher. She has been tranferred to a smart-school, which is supposedly a better school than her previous school, located nearer to her home.

How nice! Why stop there? Why not the education department go a step further and give her a promotion? Perhaps make her a headmistress! State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district. How thoughtful of Pn. Ashah. This shows just how seriously the authorities are treating this case.

Let me ask you Pn. Ashah, would you have been so thoughtful if an Indian teacher had used deragotary terms against Malay students? No. I'm sure you won't. In fact, nevermind the education department. Pemuda Umno would have organized protests outside the school, keris in hand, demanding for blood. But that is not the case here. The teacher only insulted Indians. No big deal, right?

Actually, I don't give two hoots what action the education department takes. We'll deal with them eventually. What about the police? Police reports have been lodged. What is the outcome of the police investigations? When can I expect charges to be filed? I want to see that teacher pay the FULL price of her actions. No, I'm not willing to forgive and forget. Why must Indians always be the ones to forgive and forget. Charge her! Let her rot behind bars. Once she is convicted of a crime, the education department will have to sack her.

If all else fails, I hope we can get the affected students to file civil lawsuits. I will get my lawyer friends to represent them. For free. I hope the students are willing to see this through. I definitely am! Cikgu, you want to know if Indians have testicles? I'll show you.

Monday 11 August 2008

Babi balik China, Cikgu balik mana?

First, I apologize for the long absence. I was unwell.

What a week it has been. First there was this extremely capable teacher unnecessarily troubled when some of her ungrateful Indian students lodged police reports against her simply because she uttered some harmless words about their race. To think that the Deputy Education Minister threatened to sack her over such a small matter. Luckily our very own Indian Deputy Minister visited the school, 'solved' the problem by getting them to shake hands, and reduced her punishment to a transfer. Our savior! Long live! While the Malay politicians fight for the Malay cause and the Chinese politicians fight for the Chinese cause, only the Indians fight for all races.

Then we had some towering Malays forced to protest outside the Bar Council office. It was because this irresponsible association of lawyers had the audacity to organize a forum to discuss conversion to Islam. How seditious of them! A forum! Lucky they were stopped within an hour by shouts of "Babi, balik China" and threats to storm the venue. If not, I dread to think what the forum could have achieved. I must thank the police for protecting the protesters and harassing the forum organizers. On an unrelated matter, I wish to duly inform you all that the police water cannons have been sent for repairs, so they are currently unavailable. The police hope to have them back by the 25th of November.

Well, a lot of people have already commented on both the above topics, so as much as I have a lot to say, I'll just let you read between the lines.

Friday 1 August 2008

Heads you lose, Tails I win!

Malaysiakini has featured an interesting article written by Mr. S. Murugesan, my fellow brother in the MIC. He has hailed Datuk Seri Wan Azizah as the true hero, the brave woman that held the fort for her beloved husband. I do not disagree. Wan Azizah always struck me as a reluctant politician. A politician who was thrown into the ring out of situation, not choice. She has kept the fort well, indeed.

However, it is the other segment of Mr. Murugesan's article that struck a chord with my view on this by-election saga. Why now? Who not in April as soon as Datuk Seri Anwar was eligible. Why not later, after the sodomy allegation is dealt with, one way or the other? Murugesan summed it perfectly with the term 'heads you lose, tails I win' analogy.

Anwar Ibrahim is as shrewd a politician as they come by. A master manipulator of public sympathy and perception. By announcing his candidacy now, he is seeking the upper hand. If he is charged for sodomy, he will claim that this is just to stop him from coming to power. If he is not charged after all the hoo-haa, the government will be seen as having harassed him without basis. Smart.

The Prime Minister said today that the due process of law will go on. If and when Anwar is charged, I hope the evidence will be concrete, and not leave the public in doubt. The sodomy allegation may be a legal issue. But public perception is a national issue. In politics, perception is stronger than the truth. The government simply cannot afford a botched trial.

The EC has sixty days to have a by-election. Let's see how all the timelines play out.

Sigh... In the meantime, it's going to be more days of politicking ahead. From the time the General Election results were announced in March, it has been non-stop politicking, and as a result, the nation seems to be on autocruise. I wish we can put all the politicking behind us and get to work. BN or PR, they both have governments to run and people to serve!