Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Babi balik China, Cikgu balik mana? (2)

Malaysiakini today published the stand of Pemuda MIC on the 'racist teacher issue'. However, it appears that 'action' has already been taken. Malaysian-style. Today's NST, in an article aptly titled Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal' details the 'action' that has been taken against the teacher. She has been tranferred to a smart-school, which is supposedly a better school than her previous school, located nearer to her home.

How nice! Why stop there? Why not the education department go a step further and give her a promotion? Perhaps make her a headmistress! State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district. How thoughtful of Pn. Ashah. This shows just how seriously the authorities are treating this case.

Let me ask you Pn. Ashah, would you have been so thoughtful if an Indian teacher had used deragotary terms against Malay students? No. I'm sure you won't. In fact, nevermind the education department. Pemuda Umno would have organized protests outside the school, keris in hand, demanding for blood. But that is not the case here. The teacher only insulted Indians. No big deal, right?

Actually, I don't give two hoots what action the education department takes. We'll deal with them eventually. What about the police? Police reports have been lodged. What is the outcome of the police investigations? When can I expect charges to be filed? I want to see that teacher pay the FULL price of her actions. No, I'm not willing to forgive and forget. Why must Indians always be the ones to forgive and forget. Charge her! Let her rot behind bars. Once she is convicted of a crime, the education department will have to sack her.

If all else fails, I hope we can get the affected students to file civil lawsuits. I will get my lawyer friends to represent them. For free. I hope the students are willing to see this through. I definitely am! Cikgu, you want to know if Indians have testicles? I'll show you.


raveendran nair said...

Hie Bro Prana. I did proposed for the civil suit but then {read the reply for my proposal in egroup}. Well the caption "Forget and Forgive" proposed by YB Saravanan irked me and pity this are the people will lead the community in future, if the party exist. Take care


Setiap berita dan artikel yang saya baca mengenai isu ini berbunyi seperti "Racial slurs by a malay teacher on indian student" . mmmmmm...... kalau dilihat dari aspek ini, masalah ini sulit sekali dapat diselesaikan tanpa "kerugian". Kerugian kepada siapa? kerugian kepada usaha memantapkan perpaduan antara rakyat malaysia.

Pada pendapat saya, ini adalah satu case dimana seorang guru ( rakyat malaysia) menyerang seorang pelajar dan keluarganya ( rakyat malaysia) dengan kata- kata yang tidak sopan dan lucah. Ini jelas melanggar code of ethics seorang guru. Jadi apakah hukumannya?

Is it that simple? well why not?