Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Congrats Anwar, now deliver your promises!

The people of Permatang Pauh have spoken. As expected, Anwar Ibrahim retained the seat that was vacated by his wife. All well and good. Congratulations, YB. Now perhaps you will get to work instead of repeating rhetoric after rhetoric. I am still waiting to see the countless promises made to the Indian community by Anwar before the GE materialize. It is going to be six months since the elections. PR has control of five states. Where are the goodies you promised the Indians?

It is interesting that Hindraf, which was the catalyst for the switch to PR by indian voters themselves seem to be questioning the sincerity of Anwar's PR in delivering the promises made to the Indian community. The call by Waythamoorthy to PR states to endorse their 18 point demand seems to have fallen on deaf years. I'm not surprised. I expected this.

Now the Hindraf leaders seem to be mudslinging each other in public. Hindraf is not even a year old, mind you, and we already have cracks. So much for championing the unity of Indians, when the top six people can't be united!

Of late, I notice some unsavoury comments made in my chatbox. The very tone of the comments suggest that it is by some intellectually challenged individuals incapable of debating issues maturely. Name calling and swearing only reflects your upbringing. This is a typical case of people who think they can say whatever they want online, but in reality, are cowards. It wouldn't take me long to disable the chatbox, but I am not going to do it, for now at least. Criticism is fine, but be decent. Be constructive. Don't make fools out of yourselves.

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