Monday, 11 August 2008

Babi balik China, Cikgu balik mana?

First, I apologize for the long absence. I was unwell.

What a week it has been. First there was this extremely capable teacher unnecessarily troubled when some of her ungrateful Indian students lodged police reports against her simply because she uttered some harmless words about their race. To think that the Deputy Education Minister threatened to sack her over such a small matter. Luckily our very own Indian Deputy Minister visited the school, 'solved' the problem by getting them to shake hands, and reduced her punishment to a transfer. Our savior! Long live! While the Malay politicians fight for the Malay cause and the Chinese politicians fight for the Chinese cause, only the Indians fight for all races.

Then we had some towering Malays forced to protest outside the Bar Council office. It was because this irresponsible association of lawyers had the audacity to organize a forum to discuss conversion to Islam. How seditious of them! A forum! Lucky they were stopped within an hour by shouts of "Babi, balik China" and threats to storm the venue. If not, I dread to think what the forum could have achieved. I must thank the police for protecting the protesters and harassing the forum organizers. On an unrelated matter, I wish to duly inform you all that the police water cannons have been sent for repairs, so they are currently unavailable. The police hope to have them back by the 25th of November.

Well, a lot of people have already commented on both the above topics, so as much as I have a lot to say, I'll just let you read between the lines.

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