Friday 23 October 2009

The PM presented the governments budget for 2010 in parliament a few minutes ago. Below are some of the key items he has announced. They items below are a compilation of my status updates in Facebook, as the PM was giving his budget speech.
  • PM has finished presenting the budget, ended his speech with spirited promises of 1Malaysia for all.
  • RM 500 one-off payments for civil servants and pensioners, up to grade 58.
  • Public Transport to be given priority. New Komuter trains, LRTs, stations to be improved.
  • EPF increased to 11% voluntary, special scheme for self-employed, tax rebate increased to 7k from current 6k.
  • 3 billion units of Sukuk 1Malaysia announced.
  • 1Malaysia clinics to be introduced in housing areas, 50 clinics to begin with, manned by MAs, to improve public healthcare. Clinics to be open until 10pm daily.
  • Federal Territories Ministry renamed Federal Territory and Public Welfare Ministry, measures announced to curb urban poverty.
  • Various measures announced to eradicate hardcore poverty, women empowerment.
  • Crime prevention to be given top priority, especially snatch thefts. Various measures announced to beef up police and other agencies.
  • Income tax reduced from 27% to 26%, personal relief increased from 8k to 9k per person.
  • New system to ensure only those who are needy receive gov subsidies, including discounted petrol price, using Mykad, to be introduced early 2010.
  • RM 50 per year service tax per credit card, RM 25 per supplementary card. This is to reign in credit expenditure.
  • In battle against corruption, Gov to introduce Whistle-blower Act, 14 new Sessions Court, MACC to be beefed up.
  • Gov to review laws, take stern action to curb Ah Long menace.
  • Gov universities to be given greater autonomy in HR and student matters, allowed to form companies to generate income.
  • PM announces Netbooks with broadband for 100,000 uni students, at discounted price, by TM, MCMC.
  • 30 National Scholarships for top achievers, purely on merit, to study in top unis around the world. P
  • Preschool to be absorbed into school curriculum, to increase entrance percentage from 67% to 87% by 2012, 20 schools to be made 'Prestige Schools', autonomy in school administration.
  • PM has announced tax rebate up to RM500 per year for broadband subscription.

Sunday 18 October 2009

Deepavali Nalvazhtukkal

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus, and happy holidays to all! Hope you have a blessed celebration. Let us not forget the less fortunate during these festive times, and let us build greater bonds with family and friends as we all celebrate together.