Friday 23 October 2009

The PM presented the governments budget for 2010 in parliament a few minutes ago. Below are some of the key items he has announced. They items below are a compilation of my status updates in Facebook, as the PM was giving his budget speech.
  • PM has finished presenting the budget, ended his speech with spirited promises of 1Malaysia for all.
  • RM 500 one-off payments for civil servants and pensioners, up to grade 58.
  • Public Transport to be given priority. New Komuter trains, LRTs, stations to be improved.
  • EPF increased to 11% voluntary, special scheme for self-employed, tax rebate increased to 7k from current 6k.
  • 3 billion units of Sukuk 1Malaysia announced.
  • 1Malaysia clinics to be introduced in housing areas, 50 clinics to begin with, manned by MAs, to improve public healthcare. Clinics to be open until 10pm daily.
  • Federal Territories Ministry renamed Federal Territory and Public Welfare Ministry, measures announced to curb urban poverty.
  • Various measures announced to eradicate hardcore poverty, women empowerment.
  • Crime prevention to be given top priority, especially snatch thefts. Various measures announced to beef up police and other agencies.
  • Income tax reduced from 27% to 26%, personal relief increased from 8k to 9k per person.
  • New system to ensure only those who are needy receive gov subsidies, including discounted petrol price, using Mykad, to be introduced early 2010.
  • RM 50 per year service tax per credit card, RM 25 per supplementary card. This is to reign in credit expenditure.
  • In battle against corruption, Gov to introduce Whistle-blower Act, 14 new Sessions Court, MACC to be beefed up.
  • Gov to review laws, take stern action to curb Ah Long menace.
  • Gov universities to be given greater autonomy in HR and student matters, allowed to form companies to generate income.
  • PM announces Netbooks with broadband for 100,000 uni students, at discounted price, by TM, MCMC.
  • 30 National Scholarships for top achievers, purely on merit, to study in top unis around the world. P
  • Preschool to be absorbed into school curriculum, to increase entrance percentage from 67% to 87% by 2012, 20 schools to be made 'Prestige Schools', autonomy in school administration.
  • PM has announced tax rebate up to RM500 per year for broadband subscription.

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