Wednesday 3 February 2010

Of Indian beggars and Chinese prostitutes

It has been so long since I last blogged, I almost forgot I have a blog! So I can't blame my readers, yes all two of you, for deserting this space. :)

Humour aside, there was a little less pleasant episode today, when a certain Datuk Nasir, a senior aide to the Prime Minister, no less, went bonkers at a Rapat 1Malaysia seminar where he was representing the Prime Minister.

Dato Nasir was quoted saying that Indians came to these country as beggars, and Chinese women as prostitutes. He had earlier condemned the MIC and the Indian community for 'forcing the government on the 12 subjects in SPM issue'. He is alleged to have then threatened that the government can withdraw citizenship of Indian and Chinese Malaysians, whom he is said to have labelled 'pendatang'.

MIC leaders, including Pemuda MIC, condemns his statement, which is obviously poles apart from his very boss's 1Malaysia concept. We find his statement nothing short of seditious, and have lodged a police report to that effect.

We were informed a short while after we made the report that Dato Nasir had since resigned, and a statement to this effect had been announced by the Prime Minister's office. While Pemuda MIC accepts his apology and resignation as a political response to safeguard the Prime Minister's sincerity in promoting 1Malaysia, we still insist strongly that the police carry out their investigation, and charge Dato Nasir in a court of law for sedition.

Barisan Nasional and the MIC in particular have been working hard to win back the ground that we lost in the last General Election. We are working overtime to prove that we have heard the loud calls for change, and we ARE changing. The people first, performance now motto of the Prime Minister is no show. It is real, it is something seen on the ground. But every now and then, a clown like this comes along to ruin everything we do.

I thank the Prime Minister for his prompt response. I also thank my friends in Pemuda UMNO for standing by us. Let this be a lesson to all in BN, that we must speak with one voice and one vision, if we want to gain back what we have lost. We must reign in the loose cannons that tarnish our collective image.

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