Wednesday, 21 January 2009

PDRM = Polis Dera Rakyat Malaysia 2

Just weeks after the Prabakar drama, where an Indian youth was scalded by boiling water during police interrogation, a new case has emerged. This time, the alleged police abuse victim, Kugan Ananthan, is dead. The police version of the story, as reported in Malaysiakini and then other major newspapers, is that he drank some water, threw up, and simply dropped dead. There was a suggestion that Kugan died of an asthma attack.

Photos of the body are making their rounds on the Internet. There are multiple injuries on the body, particularly the back, neck and wrist. I'm no medical expert, but I'm pretty sure those are not the signs of asthma.

There was an outcry after the Prabakar incident. Indian based organizations, political and non-political, the MIC included, demanded action. The police responded with the usual 'we will be transparent, those responsible will be brought to justice' dialog. So far several policemen have been charged. Fair enough.

But it appears that some in the police force still think it is perfectly  within their powers to pick up Indian suspects, beat them to a pulp in the name of interrogation, and if they die in the process... Oh well, it's just another dead Indian. 

No sir, not this time. We've had just about enough of these deaths in police custody. It simply MUST stop, and stop it WILL! If we have to take to the streets to get justice, we will do it!

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