Friday, 2 January 2009

PDRM = Polis Dera Rakyat Malaysia?

Recently, Malaysiakini highlighted yet another case of alleged abuse by our police force. This time, the victim, Prabakar, had boiling water poured on him, besides being beaten. Again, it comes as no surprise that the victim is an Indian. No wonder then why so many Indian youth seem to die in our police stations! Enough is enough! Stop treating us like dogs. Even criminals have rights. The police have a duty to investigate and interrogate, but it has to be within the laws of the land. Police abuse cannot be tollerated!

According to Malaysiakini, B Prabakar said he was picked up from his work place at Sri Hartamas on Dec 23 and taken for interrogation at the Brickfields police district headquarters where he was repeatedly beaten, kicked and stepped-on by at least 10 police personnel. His relative, picked up together with him, is still missing, presumably in police custody.

PKR MP S Manikavasagam, who has taken up the case, was present at the Brickfields police station earlier today, where a small crowd had gathered to protest against alleged police brutality. Also present was the mother of Francis Udayappan, whose death in police custody remains unsolved. I attended the protest, together with some MIC Youth representatives.

The issue of police brutality against Indians is something that transcends political boundaries. Whether one is in the MIC or PKR or DAP or Makkal Sakthi or whatever organization, we Indians have to unite against this. I am proud that today's protest showed just that. I heartily congratulate YB Manikavasagam for taking the case up. Everyone who gathered there was warm and corteous towards one another, regardless of MIC or otherwise. We may have our political differences, but we all agreed openly with one another that this is an issue that requires us to unite as Indians, not see each other as the opposition!

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frags said...

Bravo for making a stand!

Somehow, I feel Malaysia is a country that has segments of soceity that look down on other human beings.

If not Indians, then Bangladeshis or Indonesians. Thats a very dangerous situation we are heading towards.

Really, how much better are we from Nazi supremacists.