Thursday, 17 July 2008

How about a meeting of all Indian wakil rakyat?

Recently there have been news reports of a meeting between UMNO and PAS leaders, to 'discuss the issues affecting Malays'. Of course, there have been rumours that PAS is being courted to dump Pakatan Rakyat for Barisan Nasional. I really don't see that happening anytime soon, but one can't be too certain in today's political scenario. Anyway, let's just take the meeting at face value. We have Malay interest parties from the ruling coalition and the opposition, meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the race they represent.

Why don't the Indians do the same? Why not Indian MPs and Assemblymen from the MIC, DAP and PKR have a similar roundtable session to discuss issues pertaining to the Indian community? Fine, we may have our difference in political ideologies and what not. But the underlying fact is, each and every Indian elected representative out there was elected based on a promise to help the Indian community. By sitting together, indentifying issues and charting solutions, we will be able to ensure that the interest of the Indian community will be taken care of, no matter who is in power. We will be able to get a guarantee from both BN and the PR that our problems will be dealt with. We will be seen as speaking with one voice. One determined, united voice. Apa kata YB sekalian?

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ram said...

Yes Good planning Mr Premnath I support you.

Some MP's From PR
Like Gobalakrishnan Open a PAS suppoter club for what?

People like this susah nak cakap lah!!!!

Anyway i 100% support u...