Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Transition Amid Testing Times

The chain of events of the last few days, leading to the resignation of Mr. S.A. Vigneswaran as the chief of MIC Youth, has got many people talking. As always the case during such a situation, there are more rumours and hints of scandals then actually the case.

Whatever said about him, Vicky was instrumental in getting MIC Youth to be what it is today. He may have had his flaws, but his contributions should not be overlooked, and his departure is certainly a loss, one way or another.

The appointment of T. Mohan as the interim coordinator, and S. Murugesan as his deputy, is in my opinion, a silver lining amid the storm. I have had the pleasure of getting to know both these gentlemen, and they both earned my respect from the first day.

I am sure that neither of them wanted to inherit the reins of the Youth movement in such dramatic circumstances. They are simply not the type of people who would clamour for position and glory. But position and responsibility has been thrust upon them, and I know of no better people who can now captain the ship through the storm ahead.

I am confident that MIC youth will rise above the challenges under their leadership, and foresee a whole new chapter of cooperation between Putera MIC and Pemuda MIC.

Brothers Mohan and Muru, to borrow Bro Muru's words, 'Soldier on brothers!'

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