Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Tabung Sivasakthi

The MIC Youth's Social and Welfare Bureau, headed by Youth Chief T. Mohan is trying to raise funds for Madam Sivasakthi, who urgently needs a kidney operation. Putera MIC's Social and Welfare Bureau, headed by me, also intends to help our Youth brothers achieve their aim of raising RM 70,000 for the family in three months. While we will be launching a collection drive soon, I would sincerely appreciate if you could all pass the word around. Please bank in your contributions directly, at the account number given below.
Reproduced here is an article in the New Straits Times highlighting the fund collection initative.
MIC fund for kidney patient

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC Youth Social and Welfare Bureau is setting up a fund for kidney patient P. Sivasakthi, 54, to undergo an operation in India.

The Sivasakthi Fund was launched yesterday by wing head, T. Mohan, who wants to collect the RM70,000 for the operation within three months.
The operation is being done in India because of the shorter waiting period there. Sivasakthi's husband N. Jeyapragasam, 57, said he had used his Employees' Provident Fund for his own medical bills, which come up to RM800 a month. The couple need RM3,000 a month for their medical bills.

Their two sons are supporting the couple but with a total income of RM2,400, it is difficult for them to continue doing so.
Those who wish to help can donate through Alliance Bank account number 120880020084551 under the name "Tabung Sivasakthi".

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