Wednesday, 30 July 2008

UMNO, Please don't betray Barisan Nasional!

First, I must thank Malaysiakini for including my last post in their 'Malaysiakini in Blogs' section. A quarter of the total visitors to this blog as of now, visited yesterday.

I want to say my piece on the recent PAS-UMNO discussions. Initially, it was reported that the discussions were regarding 'Malay issues'. Then it became 'Malay unity'. Now there seem to be outright political negotiations.

Let's get one thing straight. UMNO is the main party in Barisan Nasional. UMNO is NOT Barisan Nasional. The BN's very backbone is multi-racial representation. BN simply MUST move in the direction of Malaysian unity, not Malay unity. Forming an alliance with PAS in the interest of 'keeping control in the hands of the Malays' is unacceptable.

When 100,000 Indians took to the streets, our hearts were with them. They voiced out on the streets in one day, what the MIC has been fighting for within closed doors for the last 50 years. We could have easily done that. It would not have taken the MIC too long to mobilize 100,000 people on the streets. But we did not. Because we respected the BN spirit. We even tried in futility to defend the BN against those people. We paid dearly for it.

Now some people claim the MIC did nothing at all for the last 50 years. We may have not done enough, but we definitely tried. Unfortunately, we tried within closed doors. We tried within the BN framework. We did not get all that we asked for. Within the give and take spirit of the BN, we did our best. We worked quietly.

After ALL this, after all that the other partners in the BN have sacrificed in the last election, in the name of Barisan Nasional, if UMNO tries to team up with PAS, there will be no bigger act of betrayal to the Barisan Nasional spirit. There will be no greater damper to the quest for Malaysian unity.

There are simply no short cuts to unity. There can only be unity when there is equality. There can only be unity when there is respect. There can only be unity when UMNO does not go out of its way to enforce 'Ketuanan Melayu'!


Anonymous said...

now you see why HIDRAF organised the rally?? even after the RALLY BN(UMNO) still the same. You people in MIC are dead!!! Indian no need MIC anymore. MIC jus like UMNO in BN. only people in power gain every thing. get down to ground and see what happening. even Malays suffer now because of Bn(UMNO) just like how indians doing. people in MIC dont try to cover yourself anymore.Just accept to reality that MIC peoples are LOOSERS!!!! just dismiss the party. DONT keep on using INDIAN comunity's name and rob every thing.

malayamuda said...

UMNO betrayed Barisan Nasional partners

PAS betrayed Pakatan rakyat partners

Both are fanatics in their own way and both are best to be partners together. All other component parties in BN should join Pakatan.

BN should ONLY consist of UMNO and PAS

You think UMNO would have just kept quiet if MCA had dialogue with the chinese education group called .....forgot its name..for chinese unity ?

You think UMNO would have kept quiet if MIC had dialogue with Hindraf for Indian unity ?

Anonymous said...

malayamuda, I agree with u 110% Its time the other BN components open their mouth and make a stand about this so called Malay/Islamic unity talk. Its time other BN component parties leave this fanatics and join PR ASAP!!!


malayamuda said...

yes democratic,

Once that happens rakyat malaysia akan dapat peluang untuk memilih kerajaan UMNO-PAS ala Taliban or kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat which will be moderate dan fair to all Malaysians.

Then we can truly assess how many people like Taliban style government and how many prefer not.

we dont need people will serban and robes with unshaven ugly goaties [ ala pubic hair ] barking like religious fanatics on the road.

If you Dare let this be the two party system and let the rakyat decide


frags said...

The title of this blog post amuses me. UMNO has always betrayed the alliance for decades now. They only care for their agenda. Some say racial agenda and some others say the racial agenda is just a smoke screen and the true agenda of UMNO is political dominance and financial wealth. So far they've been succesfull in both.

Wake up Malaysians. The damage that has been done for years now and is truly affecting the people. Many are leaving the country because of what these political parties are doing. They have lost hope.

Dont let the younger generation suffer please.