Friday, 20 February 2009

Anjing keling? Yet again!!!

Malaysiakini reports that a student in Selayang has lodged a police report after his teacher physically and verbally abused him. In his police report filed at the Selayang Baru police station last night, A Kuganeshwaran, a form two student at SMK Darul Ehsan, said: "The teacher called me 'anjing' (dog) and 'keling'." The teacher had apparently also punched him.

This is not the first time. This won't be the last, either. Dato' Seri Hishamuddin, I, we, DEMAND that you take severe action. No more transferring the teacher. If the alleged incident took place as reported, SACK the teacher.

The police should investigate this incident thoroughly. If the act was committed, CHARGE the teacher in court.

The Malaysiakini article is below.

'Anjing, keling': Student files report

Syed Jaymal Zahiid Feb 20, 09 2:19pm

A school is where the seeds of racial unity are supposed to be sowed but there have been cases suggesting otherwise, with the guilty party being none other than the teachers themselves.

Now a new allegation has surfaced from a school in Selayang Baru, where a 14-year-old student claims that he was physically assaulted and verbally abused by a teacher.

In his police report filed at the Selayang Baru police station last night, A Kuganeshwaran, a form two student at SMK Darul Ehsan, said: "The teacher called me 'anjing' (dog) and 'keling'."

He also claimed that the teacher had punched him on the back and arm.

According to Kuganeshwaran, the incident happened during the living skills lesson yesterday.

"There was an announcement made on the class speaker so I stood up to listen to it. My teacher told me to sit but I told him that I wanted to listen to the announcement.

"The teacher then took a wooden stick and approached me. He looked like he wanted to hit me. I pleaded with him not to hit me. Then he placed the stick on the table and punched me," read the report.

The student subsequently informed the headmistress, discipline teacher and class teacher regarding the incident.Kuganeshwaran also stated in his report that his class teacher had pleaded with him not to relate this incident to his parents.

Father sees red

His father K Anchutan, who accompanied his son to file the police report, told Malaysiakini that he was 'very angry' over the incident.

The 38-year-old security guard said a school is a place where children are supposed to be safe from harm.

"I send my kids to school so that they can get the best education and be successful. I did not put them in school to be racially abused and hit by teachers," he added.

Contacted later, SMK Darul Ehsan headmistress Siti Aishah Ismail said a meeting will be convened to discuss the matter today.

"We will investigate first. We want to get all the details and we will speak to the parents as well. We wish to conclude this matter as soon as possible, possibly by next week," she added.

Siti Aishah said once the school completes its investigation, it will submit the findings to the district education department and Education Ministry.

Last July, a teacher from SMK Telok Panglima Garang in Kuala Langat was transferred after she uttered racial slurs and derogatory remarks at several Indian students.

The 35-year-old history teacher had on two occasions called Indian students in a Form Four and Form Five class 'black monkeys', 'negroes' and 'keling pariah'.


Seal in Astral said...

Premnath, do you think your demand will ever happen? I am just laughing at you. The last time the teacher was "promoted to a better school and near to the home. Maybe this time, this teacher could be promoted to GPK or even a headmistress and paid a big amount in the name "self security allowance". You see the mainstream media never even report this. Or maybe the police may catch up with Malaysiakini for publishing this. Just like what they did in Penang.

The one who committed was enjoying life and the one reported was arrested. Welcome to Malaysian politics. We have never seen such things 20 years back.

Seal in Astral said...

You can talk in blog....can you with all Putera walk to a police station and file a report and engage a lawyer?