Thursday, 26 February 2009

Utter disgrace to the sanctity of parliament!

Yesterday's mob incident against YB Karpal Singh was a disgrace. It was an insult to the very system of parliamentary democracy. A complete disregard to the sanctity of parliament.

Yes, I am an MIC person. A BN person. Yet, I am ashamed that some of my BN counterpart could stoop to such low levels. When I first read what happened in Malayskini, I just couldn't believe what I was reading! What were they thinking?!?

It doesn't help the least that some quarters are reporting that parliament security did absolutely nothing to stop the mob, and protect an MP. Where is the protection? Where is the security?

Even if Karpal was wrong in accusing UMNO Youth for the bullet incident, he is protected by parliamentary immunity. This is not the way to deal with the issue! For goodness sake, does it really take 22 grown men to 'demand an apology' from a man on a wheelchair?

Sigh, I am disgusted! With people like this in our midst, no matter what good some of us in the BN try to do, it will all just go down the political drain.

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Captain R said...

Hi Prem,

I totally agree with you but then this is Malaysia, everything is possible. We were hit badly in the last election and very fortunate to still control the government. What have we learned from “March 2008”? Nothing I suppose. We are still going around and making negative headlines, the “rakyat” are more disgusted with BN and its component parties then last year.

We should be more professional and start winning the peoples heart instead of doing hurtful things that further strain the relationship between the “rakyat” and BN. Now day’s, we cannot hide anything from anybody, the multimedia has taken control of everything, we lost the general election due to multimedia and we have not learned nor did any counter measure to neutralize it.

It is very sad when “rakyat” completely believes what they hear and read from the opposition because we never clarifies the issue. The wrong information becomes real and everyone believes it is the truth. It will be very difficult to change these people's mindset because they have accepted it as the truth.