Friday, 20 February 2009

Hypocrites Aplenty!

Oh what a week it has been. From Elizabeth Wong to the Perak impasse, Bukit Selambau to Khalid Ibrahim's Lexus.

First, Elizabeth Wong. I think what happened to her was a cheap attempt to smear her. Nothing more, nothing less. It is very disturbing that a woman's reputation, career and peace of mind can be brought crumbling down in such a despicable act. She was a good assemblyperson. She did her job well. She fought hard for human rights issues. She did not deserve this.

But at the same time, Pakatan Rakyat's Standard Operating Procedures needs a little updating. Stop pointing fingers at Barisan Nasional all the time. Her photos was allegedly taken by her ex-boyfriend. He was PKR, not BN. Everytime something happens, it is always "BN this, BN that"! "BN paid him, BN bought that assemblyman, BN threatened him"! What, Anwar? Are ALL your people for sale, or just MOST of them? Oh, and a friendly reminder to Eli... next time please don't wear your specs when you sleep.

The Perak impasse. Well, what can I say? The honourable thing to do would be to go back to the people. It would not be the best for Barisan, but sometimes, honour is more important than power. I rather lose with honour then win without. Now we have a bunch of court cases, suspensions, police reports, talk of emergency. All this at a time when there are bigger issues that need attention.

Bukit Selambau. Ah... another one. MIC did this, MIC this that, BN did this, BN did that. Kidnapping, threats, blah blah blah. Everyone must have missed the report in Malaysiakini that clearly stated V. Arumugam was in the bad books of the Hindraf / Makkal Sakthi boys. The Malaysiakini report clearly stated that is was THEM who wanted him out. But of course, Arumugam was probably following his exit instructions when he made a report insinuating that it was BN that threatened him. Please lah...

Oh, and speaking of Bukit Selambau, we had some UMNO heroes demanding that the seat be contested by UMNO. Apparently MIC has lost the Indian votes. You know what, maybe we have! In the last elections, we obviously lost our Indian voter base. Denying that is stupidity. But hey, we in the MIC have been telling you for donkey years that the Indians are left behind. We demanded so many things. But you wouldn't listen. Our only mistake, we did it behind closed doors, within the BN structure. That made many Indians think we did nothing, and only guys who go out shouting in the the streets were doing something. Well, I don't blame them. How would they know? So now you want the seats? Because we lost the last time? What about all the times we won there? What about the 1999 elections when UMNO performed poorly, but the other BN component parties stood firmly beside you in support? What about all the seats UMNO lost in the last election? Can we redesignate them to other parties since you lost? Think before you talk lah Datuk Mukhriz! Don't shoot us to score brownie points for your UMNO elections!

Finally, there was the cow issue, now the Lexus issue. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is suing Dato Seri Khir Toyo claiming defamation, but now MACC says there is enough evidence to charge the former. Apparently he used government money to sponsor cattle for his KL constituency. Apparently he used government money to maintain his personal Lexus. Let the courts decide. But the irony is, we get all these people coming and saying "Oh, this is only small money. So and so took billions, you know!" Right, and you saw him take billions? Or you just read it in some blog, and decided it is the gospel truth? And a small bribe is ok? A few hundred thousand is forgivable? Corruption is corruption! Period. If there is evidence that ANYONE misused government funds, charge them! BN or PR, doesn't matter. Don't be hypocrites.


non-conformis said...

Haha, can't stop laughing.
hypocrite indeed.

how do u know Eli wong wore her glasses? u looked at the pictures?
What does that make u?
having illegal prints is a crime, orang MIC!

funny that you didn't touch on some of the most prominant issues, let me refresh your mind:
1. The corruption cases allegedly involved your honourable lifetime MIC President.
2. Allegedly involvement of your beloved UMNO deputy president in a murder case. (yes deny it. people are idiots do u think?)
3. Failures of BN government to curb corruption. (deny it again, but go check the international standard in corruption ranking)
4. The list goes on. u really want me to carry on?

touch your heart before you open ur mouth, my dear friend.


Premnath Agamutu said...

Dear non-conformis,

The photo was on TV3 News lah, for goodness sake.

As for your 'points', I stand by my statement, that anyone, including my party president, can and should be charged in court if there is EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing. However, you can't just charge someone because of rumours, or because some blogger posts 'evidence' that is nothing more than allegations. There have been BN politicians who have been convicted, and rightly so.